Jewelry Retailers

The business environment of today is changing the way jewelers operate in the market. The customer has a number of choices from traditional stores to online. As a result, the jewelry industry is transitioning to the new ways consumers purchase today.

At 1 Step Technologies, we focus on the jewelry industry from retail to the supply chain. Whether you operate a traditional store front, sell online, at trade shows or are mobile, connect with us.

Omni-Channel Secure Payment Gateway

Our secure payment gateway reduces PCI liability and integrates seamlessly with software providing multiple ways to process transactions and payments.



The Southern Jewelers Guild​ serves jewelers, vendors and industry-related tradespeople who are passionate about their businesses and prepared to do what it takes to bring their businesses to the next level, and keep it operating at optimal performance.
The Southern Jewelers Guild provides solutions for …

  • Vendor/Retail Partner Programs
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Real Estate Administration & Growth
  • Digital Landscape Management
  • Social Capital Strategies

The Southern Jewelers Guild helps its members identify target markets, create and grow a client base, pairs you with vendor partners who will provide tools to help you succeed in business, and works with you to make sure your business is operating at optimal performance on a day to day basis.
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Prerak InfoTech (PIT) is a leading IT Solution Provider servicing customers around the globe. With over 17 years of strong understanding in jewelry industry, PIT provides start to end web solutions to all jewelers: manufacturer, wholesale, retail and all other affiliate businesses. We custom design website to best suit business need based on requirement and our experience.

Our core competencies include but are not limited to:

  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Data Management / Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Cloud based Systems
  • CRM and much more…

Our mission is expressed by the slogan “We do IT for you”. We believe in the “WOW” factor for every project we undertake. Providing quality service with integrity, experience along with innovative ideas and help our customers to grow in their business is our main Motive.

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Highest Order Approval Rates. Lowest False Decline Rates. Happiest Customers. ClearSale is your most complete eCommerce Fraud Protection Solution. Your business is unique – and your fraud program should fit your specific business goals and objectives.

For over 19 years, ClearSale has helped luxury retailers eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen. Our mission is to stop online fraud while providing our clients with the highest approval rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

ClearSale offers an end-to-end fraud management solution, helping e-commerce merchants protect their business by carefully sorting through orders to give the most accurate determination of fraud risk, and then handling each transaction as necessary.

This process provides ClearSale clients the peace of mind to focus on their growing businesses without the fear of fraud. Unlike our competitors, ClearSale is flexible in meeting your needs by offering individual performance-based pricing plans based on your KPIs – You only pay for results!

With ClearSale, you can count on us to:

Improve Your Financials
Remove Operational Burden
Improve Your ROI With a Customized Solution
Maintain Expectations through our comprehensive dashboard

Please reach out to our team to learn more about how ClearSale can help you!



UCFS is a direct lender to our jewelry retail clients at 1 Step Technologies.  They provide our retail jewelry clients, closed-end, retail consumer financing in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and selected international markets as well.  UCFS has been providing direct lending for consumers for over 35 years and services consumers from the sub to super prime lending ranges. They are a division of Berkshire Hathaway.

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Star Gems’ Custom Studio App captures imagination of jewelry retailers nationwide. The app offers thousands of custom designs to be created on demand with a single touch.

Custom Studio App was launched in March 2017, by Star Gems Inc .The company, originally known in the industry for its “No CAD Fees” business model and 24-hour price quote promises, still generates much of its business with one-off custom design orders from independent jewelers. But the Custom Studio App is a game-changing, in-store delivery system, backed by a 42-inch touch screen monitor, is ushering in a whole new way for retailers to create, process and profit from the custom jewelry market, reaching out to the millions. With a simple touch of the finger, jewelry retailers and their customers can access and customize any one of the tens of thousands of designs available through the database of the Custom Studio catalog or from internet.

Custom Studio App was introduced on platforms including Apple, Android, and a Cloud based Desktop version.

Some of the inbuilt features of the App include:

  • Largest Database of 3D Product Videos (750+ 3D product videos already available within the app)
  • Image editing feature allowing customers to modify any design or create a new design of their own
  • Messaging feature along with attachments allowing Retailer To Consumer communication & vice – versa
  • Broadcasting feature within the App
  • An E-commerce platform for customers to pay for special orders, services etc
  • & many more…
JCS and payments supported by 1 Step Technologies


Jewelry Computer Systems (JCS) has been providing complete store management solutions for jewelry stores since 1985. Jewelers using JCS are offered a fully integrated management system that can power either single or multi-store businesses. The system supports barcode scanning and RFID inventory tracking. We partner with JCS to offer a fully integrated and secure payments solution for their POS software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told the new chip (EMV) cards will prevent against fraudulent credit/debit card sales. Is that correct?

  • The new chip cards do prevent against the cards being duplicated in the market. However, they although do not prevent against fraudulent activity at the countertop or online. Here are basic steps you can do to reduce against fraudulent activity at your jewelry store.
  • At countertop – ask to see driver’s license. Make sure name & signature matches on both – license and payment card.
  • Online and phone orders are tricky. Unfortunately, there is no bullet proof way to prevent against a fraudulent sale. You can and should ask for billing address. Can require Fed Ex or UPS signature at delivery! Although confirming billing address and obtaining signature will not guarantee against a fraudulent sale. The safest method to ship jewelry to a customer you do not know, utilize a third-party receiver. A common third party receiver is Fed Ex or UPS stores. Ship the jewelry to the closest store to the customer. It requires the customer to enter that store and the clerks there will ask for identification. Between the stores video surveillance and staff, it will “reduce” risk with shipping. However, reduce does not mean eliminate.

What does PCI mean? How do I become compliant and stay compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has created security requirements for all merchants whom accept payment cards to be compliant. Most merchants will fall into simply completing the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and reaffirming it annually. Some will also need to have quarterly scans run against their IP address(s). Your current card processor should have sent you enrollment information on the PCI-SAQ and hopefully guided you to complete such.

What is the best way to prevent a chargeback?

The answer is along the same lines as the chip card question. At the countertop ask for ID when a payment card is presented. Shipping it – possibly use third party delivery site. Beyond those steps, ship the jewelry timely as promised to the cardholder.

In my store, the clerks from time to time miss-keys a sale in the credit card terminal. Unfortunately, more times than not, for less than what the sale was to be. How can we prevent against such errors?

This is always a loaded question. The problem is that many jewelers either use no software or have software but it is not integrated to their payment processor. Sale is one amount in computer but clerk miss-keys a $695.00 sale as $395.00. The “3” is right above the “6” key on the credit card terminal. You do not realize until that evening or next morning via batch report. Integrated payments will transmit sale amount into payment card terminal leaving the customer to simply swipe or dip their card. No transactional amount needs to be entered by the sales clerk. Short of integrated data feed, have your clerks slow down and verify card amount is correct into terminal.

My current credit card processor will hold onto larger sales tickets and release funds sometimes up to a week delayed. Why?

Unfortunately, this problem is caused by the credit card processor and the sales representative not being familiar with jewelers. They write your account for a $700 average sale but you have SKUs $4K up. They never accounted for larger transactional size amounts and the account was not underwritten for such. When presented a larger sale amount, the ticket size problem occurs. The recommendation – make sure your processor is asking you questions about your product inventory to insure price ranges are considered.

Why am I limited to how much I can process with cards in a month?

The answer is like the average sale question. The processor could have factored your median monthly sales volume but not when seasonal adjustments can spike activity – February, May, November and December. If your store does double, triple or more of the median month, that should be noted so when the seasonal months come into swing, there occurs no holdback or ceiling limits but on. The last thing you want is to be limited on volume you can process and ask that customer to pay by cash or check. Could be the difference of sale or no sale.

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