Pawn Shops

Managing Retail & Installment Transactions

How to Manage the Business Cost Effectively?

The Unknown Benefit of a Secured Consumer Loan!

  • What is known – a Pawn item is a secured Consumer loan.  How the repayment process is handled today is mostly manual requiring many consumers to come in and make their repayments to recover the pawned item.  Yet many Pawn operators do not realize, their loan is categorized no differently than other consumer loans and if they are properly enabled, when receiving a payment via debit Visa or MasterCard, can be significantly lowered.  
  • Visa & MasterCard both have enabled the Debt Repayment Programs which specifically cap the interchange expense associated with merchants whom handle Consumer, Automotive, Mortgage and Credit Card debt.   
  • One of the key pieces is for a payment processor to successfully enroll their client with Visa & MC as well as have the technology to support the transactions so they qualify under the guidelines.
  • At 1 Step Technologies, we have the payment acceptance capability to manage the transactions.  

Pawn Transaction – Secured Loan Repayment

  • At 1 Step Technologies, we enroll our Pawn store clients into Visa & MasterCard’s – Debt Repayment Program.  With the payment gateway technology we own, we can cap the interchange expense associated with debit cards whom are exempt from the Durbin Amendment.  The interchange expense is generally the largest cost to the overall discount rates merchants cover.  
  • Our payment acceptance technologies enable Pawn Stores to take payments from their customers at the countertop, mobile, online and can be even be set up for automatic recurring with a specific start & stop dates.

Retail Transactional Experience

  • We support Pawn Stores in providing a full payment acceptance capability for their retail sales.  Whether the item is sold in-store, online or via mobile, we provide the payment acceptance solutions tied into one solution.  All of our payment acceptance solutions are PCI Compliant and keep the card data restricted, limiting your PCI Compliance down to mere policies and procedures.  No need to worry about data residing in your environment.
  • Whether you own one store or multiple, from any device whether its a smart phone, lap or desktop, you have access to sales data. Keep your pulse on the business regardless of whether you are onsite, home or halfway around the world on vacation.  

Multiple Pawn Stores – Reporting

At 1 Step Technologies, we provide the following for our clients that own multiple locations.

  •  Corporate Location – central reporting with corporate overview
    • View data by store location
    • Can drill down to view data by specific clerk or transaction
    • Can view historic data
    • Full reporting including batch reports
    • Statements
    • Batch deposits can be grouped into one deposit to your bank or separated, with each location’s deposited separately.  

About 1 Step Technologies

  • Since 2010, 1 Step Technologies has focused on the jewelry industry with an expanded concentration in the Pawn space.  Our leadership has over 20 years in the payment acceptance industry.
  • We offer payment acceptance solutions specifically tailored for the Pawn market.  Whether the transaction is retail in nature or payment on a pawn loan, we make the transactional experience for both store and consumer easier.  
  • For more information, contact us @ 1-770-766-1060 or email