When I got started in the payment processing business in the 90s, One  Omni Channel payments terminal could support merchants regardless of whether they sold across the counter, over the phone or on the internet.  The internet was new and cell phones weighed pounds and were far from being smart!


The internet has changed how many conduct businesses today.  Significant numbers of the population are smartphone-dependent and use such to check their social media, email, online banking, smart cars, shop, etc.  Many smartphone users consume more battery on data usage than talking on any given day!


The ability to accept a form of payment beyond the counter is essential and that is where Omni Channel Payment Acceptance exists.  Omni means in all places and Channel means the ability to tie it all together into one platform and one account.  Below is a summation of what environments can be tied together;


  • Mobile – Payment App or Card Reader
  • Counter – taking cards at the counter, chip or magstripe read
  • Web – e-commerce enabled
  • Recurring – setting up a payment schedule whether for layaways or in-store financing
  • Pay by Text – send an invoice to one’s phone via text with a secured payment link
  • Pay by Email – along the same lines as text but email format
  • Managed Billing – for repeat customers, great for wholesale orders
  • Consumer Finance – third-party financing


No one jeweler needs all the above in their operation, but the common core are as follows;


  • Mobile – whether phone or tablet, in or outside of the store
  • Counter
  • Web


A worthy note, The Pay by Text and Email are gaining traction for the ability to manage and invoice for repairs, custom orders, and layaway payments.


The retail jewelry industry has been slow to adopt new ways of reaching and servicing clients even with the threat of some prominent online e-sellers like Blue Nile, Amazon, and Zales.  The ability to offer Omni Channel Payments streamlines the operation and helps jewelers manage within and beyond the four walls as the store needs to develop.  Interested in further information, touch base with us at 1 Step Technologies.


Joe Radest

Joe Radest started his career in card payments over 2 decades ago, working for the industry giant First Data. Since FDC, Joe has worked with other notable processors – TSYS, Global Payments, and Chase Paymentech.

Over 9 years ago, Joe branched out on his own, by launching 1 Step Technologies.  Since that initial payment firm launch, Joe co-founded in two other FinTech firms – Payix Holdings & Fortress Payment Technologies.  He serves on two boards and resides in Atlanta with his family. He can be reached by phone at 770-731-0414 or by email at joe@1steptech.com.

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