Credit & Debit Card Volume
March vs February 2020

• Average decline across all merchant sectors -16%
• Personal Services saw a decline by -19%
• Entertainment & Recreation by -31%
• Easting & Drinking Places down by -35%
• Retail was down by -9%

The retail segment impact was not as severe but “essential” retailers were included, those being grocery, pharmacies, convenience stores, and big-box general such as Walmart & Target.

Retail Sales Declines by Major Metro Markets:

• New York -23%
• Miami – 27%
• Chicago -7%
• Atlanta -6%
• Dallas -11%
• Minneapolis -24%
• Phoenix -9%
• Seattle – 5%
• San Francisco -21%
• Los Angeles -25%

Summary: Retail as an entire segment not impacted in the same manner as other industries but the numbers reflected above factor in “essential” retailers’ sales up significantly March v February.

The key findings, the non-essential retailers who could transact beyond their retail counters, saw continued card sales activity, those that did not, had complete business activity shutdowns. In our pre-analysis, the month of April will reflect similar data to what was witnessed in the 2nd half of March.

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