CoVid–19 Impact on Credit & Debit Card Volume

Credit & Debit Card Volume March vs February 2020 • Average decline across all merchant sectors -16% • Personal Services saw a decline by -19% • Entertainment & Recreation by -31% • Easting & Drinking Places down by -35% • Retail was down by -9% The retail segment impact was not as severe but “essential” retailers were included, those being…

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Covid-19: Stores Opening back up now.

Various states are starting to reopen their economies and with it, many jewelry stores will be able to unlock their doors.  Doors may unlock but that does not translate into immediate store traffic.  How do you effectively communicate with your customers regardless of the door is unlocked or not?   Digital transformation – communicate and engage with them online whether…

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What is Omni Channel Payments?

When I got started in the payment processing business in the 90s, One  Omni Channel payments terminal could support merchants regardless of whether they sold across the counter, over the phone or on the internet.  The internet was new and cell phones weighed pounds and were far from being smart!   The internet has changed how many conduct businesses today. …

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Consumer Finance – The Challenges

You’ve just spent 45 minutes helping a new customer pick the perfect gift for his special someone. But when you go to process the purchase, the consumer finance application is denied – and you’re stuck with a lost sale. You wonder, “Why do so many applications like this get declined?” The customer is local, has a steady job, and seems…

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What is Match?

What would your jewelry store do if one day your merchant services account was terminated and you could not accept any payment cards?  Even worse, you tried to open another merchant account only be told you’re on MATCH and declined.  What do you do?   The prior questions are very serious, yet overlooked by so many merchants today.  Few realize…

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Credit Pulls – Inquiries

The holiday shopping season is upon us and it’s shaping up to be an improved consumer spend over the prior holiday season which was a banner one.   With the job market still showing strong signs and wages with it, the X factor, consumers will spend more money this holiday season with Credit Pulls.   Many shoppers have the financial capability…

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Cashless Payments Acceptance At Cannabis Dispensaries

In 2015, nationwide sales of cannabis via registered medicinal and recreational dispensaries hit $5.4 billion. The 2016 sales data has yet to be compiled but it is estimated to exceed $10B. Cannabis is now legal for medicinal and/or recreational use in 26 states spurring tremendous growth, making it an attractive industry to service. This growth comes with great challenges. As…

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